Sunday, February 7, 2010

India, cont.

Cute Breanna
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Sorry it's been a while since we've blogged. We're not even going to try to catch up - Sorry! Jason went to India for work and came home with some authentic Indian clothing. The kids loved them!

Watch out Boys!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Disneyland, Day 5 - 6

McKenna Sue and her Grandma Kitty on McKenna's second favorite ride, "Rocky Mountain Railroad", or whatever it's called. We were so lucky to have Grandma come with us. The only thing better than Disneyland is Disneyland with Grandma (or Grandma and Grandpa).
Braden's highlight of the trip was when he was chosen (because the force was strong with him) to participate in the Jedi Training. He LOVED it. It was Grandma's favorite thing we did at Disneyland.
This is who Braden had to fight. Also, he was FIRST. We are trying to track down the picture when he realizes this. We'll post it soon. Teaser about the picture: he thought this was only pretend. "You want me to fight WHO? I'm only a Padawan Learner".

What a fun trip! Evan after 6 days at Disneyland, the kids weren't sick of it. It really is the happiest place on earth. Thank you thank you Mom, for coming with us. And thank you Jason for going AGAIN, even though deep down I know you love it just as much as me.
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Disneyland, Day 4

We went to California Adventures on Thursday. Braden got soaked while playing in the Bug's Life fountain.


McKenna was our dare devil. She would put her hands up in the air on every ride (except Space Mountain - she said it's too dark).
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Disneyland, Day 3

Our cute girls on the Casey Jr. Train. Breanna loved it until the mean guy made her sit on our lap. How dare him!
On Wednesday we did the character breakfast. Well worth it.

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Disneyland, Day 2

This was at Tarzan's Treehouse. Notice McKenna's enthusiastic pose. "Take me to Pirates!"
We found a cool place to eat lunch after the 100 degree weather of the first day. The kids loved feeding the ducks.
Grandma Kitty and McKenna Sue getting their feet wet.

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This is Breanna's first trip to Disneyland and her first "It's a Small World" voyage. She was mesmerized.
Arghh, me matey's! After our first (of several hundred) Pirate's ride, Rebecca pulled out the eye patches (selling for $7 at the gift shop) that she had purchased at the Dollar Store back home (for 4 for $1). Way to go Rebecca!

Pirates was definitely the kids' favorite ride.

Breanna even wore it for a second.

We have 5 more days of this???

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